Conifer varieties for every garden

Conifer varieties for every garden

Conifer varieties for every garden

When conifers are mentioned, most people think of the large overgrown hedges which can become the source of arguments between neighbours. However, this conifer week, we will be looking at how they can be used in all gardens as they give great colour and structure all year round.

Low growing/ Spreading
Prostrate or spreading conifers are ideal on a steep bank, or in areas where the soil is too poor to plant shrubs, but some green is required. These conifers also help keep weeds at bay meaning less maintenance time is required.
• Picea pungens Waldbrunn – blue/grey with silver tinged spring growth 50cm x 100cm
• Juniperus Blue Carpet – bright blue/ grey 50cm x 200cm
• Juniperus Old Gold – yellow to deep bronze 100cm x 200cm

Miniature conifers
Yes, they really can stay small. In this case they can be used on alpine rockeries as most only grow to 40cm in 10 years. Another option is to grow them in containers alongside annuals to give an extra layer of interest.
• Juniperus Blue Star – bright blue/grey bun shaped habit 50cm x 100cm
• Podocarpus Kilworth Cream – bushy pale green edged with cream, pink tips in spring 50cm x 50cm
• Picea J W Daisy’s White – conical shape, cream tips fading to green 1m x 1m

Narrow conifers
Narrow, Pencil, Column, call them what you like, but these conifers are great at adding height whilst not taking over your garden. These are a must if you are looking to create a Mediterranean-feel to your space.• Cupressus pyramidalis – retains dense thin shape well. 15m but can be trimmed to height easily.
• Juniperus Blue Arrow – vivid steel blue foliage retained year-round. Compact habit with eventual height of 2.5m
• Taxus baccata fastigiate – deep green needles. Becomes broader with age. 8m x 4m

Interesting foliage
Boring green flat leaves will be a thing of the past with these more unusual conifers. Great for adding texture year round to formal and informal gardens.
• Ginkgo biloba – fan shaped leaves which turn yellow in autumn. Grows well in containers. Buy as a standard to add extra interest.
• Thuja Whipcord – pendulous, cord-like branches. Slow growing mound. 1.5m x 1.5m
• Pinus mugo – spiral clusters of needles. Candle like new growth in spring which can be pinched put. Reddish brown cones. 1.5m x 1.5m

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