Great for ground cover plants

Great for ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are a great addition to open landscapes and gardens of all sizes by filling in gaps and brightening up bare patches beneath trees. Here’s a list of our top six plants that will work in any environment.

  1. Alchemilla mollis has rounded light green leaves with green-yellow small flowers. Flowering from June through to August, it is known for growing in many conditions and is a fully hardy perennial, making it a great option for ground cover in borders.
  2. Vinca minor is well known for its capability in ground covering. This is one of our favourite ground cover plants as its pretty, star-like, blue flowers appear through most of the year, flowering through spring, summer and autumn. Another reason why it made our top six is down to the fact that is grows well in deep shade.
  3.  Persicaria Darjeeling red flowers in autumn, but this ground cover plant is also referred to as knotweed. Well known for its crimson upright flowers, which can be seen from September through to November, it will thrive best in well-drained soil when placed in full to partial shade.
  4. Waldsteinia ternata is a semi- evergreen with a ‘creeping’ growing quality that makes it a great ground cover plant. With bright yellow flowers against its green foliage, it works perfectly alongside a path or when used for edging a border under a tree or banking.
  5. Cornus canadensis, also known as creeping dogwood, is best grown in full sun to partial shade. Not only do they provide pretty white flowers in late spring to early summer, they follow with clusters of bright red berries in autumn.
  6. Hedera hibernica will thrive in most soil types and can be used as ground cover once the shoots are pinned down. It is a very fast growing plant, and may need more attention than other ground cover varieties to stop them growing out of control.

Posted 11th Feb 11:15am

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