Jobs to do in the garden in April

Jobs to do in the garden in April

Spring is off to a slow start this year, which can mean the regular jobs to do in the garden in April might not be quite the same as last year. If you’re not sure what to do in the garden this month, here are our gardening reminders put together by chairman John Richardson.

1) Plant evergreen trees and shrubs this month when soil conditions are good.
2) A good time to move rhododendrons with a good root-ball.
3) Hard prune Forsythia after flowering, along with Buddleia davidii varieties and Hydrangea paniculata and Chaenomeles varieties.
4) Trim Lavenders to shape, but don’t cut back into the old wood.
5) Propagate perennials by division such as Michaelmas daisies, Rudbeckias and Heleniums.
6) Continue to dead-head spent daffodils, as well as other bulbs and winter flowering shrubs.
7) Divide primroses when they have finished flowering.
8) Tie in young shoots of climbing plants, including roses, ensuring their support structure is still sound.
9) Build raised beds for easier vegetable production throughout the year.
10) Mow lawns on a regular basis as growth increases.
11) Remove the top two inches of compost on containers and replace with a fresh layer.
12) Weeds will grow quickly this month, keep going around your space with a sharp hoe before they start getting too well established. Apply weed-killer to weeds in paved areas.
13) Ensure any compost you buy has been recently manufactured and is not last year’s production. Check in Which? Magazine for recommendations on using the one for your needs.
14) Make sure that all the old leaves have been removed from Hellebores.
15) Ensure you have given herbaceous plants enough support in the form of canes or twigs, it is much more difficult the later you leave it!
16) Be sure to ventilate greenhouses and cold frames on warmer days.
17) If you have doubts about the condition of your soil, invest in a soil test kit from a garden centre, they are cheaper than you think and are easy to use!

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