Why Butterflies are important to the world

Why Butterflies are important to the world

To mark National Butterfly Awareness Day on Saturday, Johnsons of Whixley shares six reasons why we should all try to protect our winged friends:

1. Butterflies are great for educational purposes. Their life cycles are fascinating and watching them go from egg to caterpillar to butterfly is incredible.
2. Butterflies have been used scientifically for centuries to investigate many areas of biological research.
3. Butterflies play an important role in pollinating flowers. Pollen collects on the butterfly’s body as it feeds on a flower’s nectar. As the butterfly moves on to a new flower, it carries the pollen with it.
4. Thousands of people travel abroad each year looking for butterflies. Eco-tours bring valuable income to many countries.
5. Butterflies are sensitive to climate change. Scientists monitor butterflies as a method of watching for warning signs of the more widespread effects of the phenomenon.
6. Butterflies are an important part of the food chain, particularly to birds and bats.


Posted 31st May 3:33pm

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